NEOSurvey - An Exploration Science Survey of Near Earth Object Properties

Please note that this website is not maintained anymore. Please use this website instead.

NEOSurvey is a Warm Spitzer Exploration Science program that obtains thermal-infrared observation of some 600 Near-Earth Objects (NEOs). NEOs are asteroids and comets that move on orbits that bring them close to the Earth; our target sample only consists of asteroids. Based on our observations, we measure the diameters and albedos of these asteroids using thermal modeling.

On this website we provide the latest results of the program, including flux density measurements and thermal modeling results. We update this website regularly to provide results usually within 2 weeks after the observations.

As of June 2016, we also provide our fluxes as measured in the individual frames. We refere to these data as lightcurve data. Currently, about one third of all our targets have lightcurve data available. Lightcurve data for the remaining targets will be added in the near future.